The process of Concertina razor wire production and installation

What is concertina razor wire and what is the process of concertina razor wire production.

Razor Wire or Concertina wire is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina. It is used to form obstacles on walls or around the compound or premises to stop intruders who would try to jump over the wall or crawl into the compound. The wire is razor sharp and can cause harmful cuts on any intruder that may try to jump into the compound. It is quick and easy to install and also quite cheap compared to other security systems like Electric Fences. When combined with Electric Fence, Razor Wire forms an un-penetrable barrier that can stop anyone who might try to gain access into the premises. we supply 450mm 730 mm and 980mm diameter razor wires.

First purchase of raw materials, in the the process of purchase raw materials, manufactuerer need hold strict quality inspection. raw materials containing plates, wire. WM wire industrial can produce galvanized, stainless steel, galvanized and PVC razor wire.

Second, in order to ensure the quality of products qualified, manufacturers will sampling the product every day during the production process.

Making process of cutting the concertina barbed wire blade

1. Use the punch mold to punch the raw material sheet into a variety of blade shapes, classified storage reserve;

Concertina razor wire for prison fence

2. Through the wrapping machine will spare blade wrapped in wire, while adjusting the wire conveyor, to produce a different diameter of the blade barbed wire.

Concertina razor wire for prison fence

3.Put clips, each nearby loops will formed together by metal clips when expanded like a concertina.

concertina razor wire clipped

it always packed with water proof paper inside and then woven bag outside.

concertina razor wire packing for prison fence