Oct 22,2016


Your perimeter security fencing is your first line of defence against thieves, vandals and other unwelcome intruders, so fitting Fence metal spikes or other anti-climb or intruder deterrent products is a practical and cost effective investment, whether you are looking to protect your business premises or your home.

Security spikes for walls and fences how to use

There are various types including anti climb security systems with very long angled razor spikes designed for use around commercial or government buildings and a 15mm high plastic type designed specifically to sit on domestic garden walls and fences. I’ve seen the latter and I think it may be effective against the unprepared opportunist thief. That said, a coat thrown over the top will render it useless. These prickly toppings come in strips that can be nailed, screwed or glued to the top of the fence or wall. You’ll need to check with the local highways authority before you buy it to see at what height they would allow its use if the fence or wall borders the pubic highway or other land to which the pubic have access.

Spike toppings are a type of anti-climb security spike and whilst the name fence spike indicates that they are designed to be mounted on a fence (typically along the top edge), they can often also be found fixed along the top of walls or fixed to building fascias.

Anti-climb measures for fences and walls

Popular types of Anti climb razor spikes include both static and rotating spiked barriers, with the spikes being manufactured from a range of materials including weather resistant plastics, steel and aluminium, among others.

anti climb fence topper

Our range of static security fence wall spikes include products such as small sized wall spike,medium size wall spike and big size wall spike. Our anti-climb system offers a practical and cost effective alternative.

To this end we would recommend the following: 1. Spike Toppings should not be installed below. 2. Spike Toppings must be visible from both sides of perimeter fences & walls. 3. Adequate signage must also be visible from both sides warning of danger 4. Trap points should be designed out. 5. Care must be taken, when handling & installing wall topping, apart from the obvious there may be sharp burrs on the Spike topping.

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