Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh details

Hexagonal opening woven wire netting is mostly used as light fencing for poultry, farms, for birds, rabbits and pet enclosures, tree guards and garden fencing, storage bins and decorative supports tennis courts. It is also used as wire mesh fabrics for light reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement concrete, plastering and laying of roads, etc.

Processing Types available include:
• straight twist hexagonal wire netting
• reverse twist hexagonal wire netting
• double-direction twisted hexagonal wire netting

Finishes of Hexagonal Wire Netting can be:
• galvanized after weaving ,galvanized before weaving
• PVC coated galvanized
• hot-dipped galvanized
• electro galvanized

General Specification of Hexagonal Wire Netting:

Specification - - - - - Wire dia- - - - -  Mesh Width
  BWG mm  Meter
3/8" 27-23 0.41-0.64 width limit:2M,single or double edge
1/2" 27-22 0.41-0.71 width limit:2M,single or double edge
5/8" 27-22 0.41-0.71 width limit:1.22M,single or double edge
3/4" 26-20 0.46-0.89 width limit:2M,single or double or strong edge
1" 25-19 0.51-1.07 width limit:2M,straight or reversed twist
1-1/4" 24-18 0.56-1.24 width limit:2M,straight or reversed twist
1-1/2" 23-16 0.64-1.65 width limit:2M
2" 22-14 0.71-2.11 width limit:2M
3" 21-15 0.81-2.11 width limit:2M

Hexagonal wire mesh application

Hexagonal Wire Mesh is extensively used in industrial and agricultural construction, building works, and all such made for the purpose of reinforcing and fencing as protective cage, guards for window and machinery safety isolation, floor screen reinforcement and poultry cage, fishing, garden and children's play-ground