July 02,2017


The importance of using the correct PPE when handling concertina razor wire is imperative and the biggest mistake often made by installers is to select PPE based on cut resistance whereas the emphasis should be placed on puncture resistance which is the most likely form of injury to the person handling concertina cross razor wire. Additionally snagging of the PPE on clothing can create problems particularly when installing in difficult and hard to access situations.

high safety concertina cross razor wire glove application

High Safety Concertina Razor Wire Glove
Cut and Puncture Protection is provided by many factory yet glove offers incredible comfort and flexibility. 360 degree Cut level 5 protection and level 4 against punture. High quality cow grain leather that will outlast your typical leather rigger gloves Ideal for handling Concertina Razor wire / barbed wire or working with cables, metal, wood, glass Wear for clearing Hawthornes etc. Ideal for landscape gardeners, arborialists, hedge cutters etc. Exceeds CE Cut Level 5 (all round protection see data sheet)

Heavy Duty concertina single Razor Wire Gloves

To date the only comparable products are considerably more expensive and far less durable. The principal reason for this is that the CE EN 388 Level 4 “puncture resistance” rating is difficult to attain utilising traditional fabrics whilst keeping the product affordable and comfortable to wear.

Concertina razor Wire and barbed Suppliers and Manufacturers

Whilst there are many products offering a high level of cut resistance, puncture resistance can be more important when dealing with concertina single razor wire, animals or glass etc, the highest level of cut resistance according to EN388 is Class 5 and the highest level of puncture resistance permissible within the EN388 standards is Class 4, Razorpro achieves the highest level for both!

In addition to Concertina cross razor wire installation and removals, barbed wire and normal wire handling are often associated with lacerations and puncture wounds. The outdoor properties combined with its durability means that companies can equip their employees with PPE that will out last traditional outdoor work PPE.

Tips, when you buy our concertina razor wire products, the installation must pay attention to safety, the use of concertina razor wire golves can minimize the damage.