Concertina razor wire or barbed tape Specification

Originally barbed wire fulfilled the roll of perimeter fence security. As crime has escalated barbed wire became less and less effective. A solution has been developed in the form of a new breed of security wire, Concertina Razor Wire Fence Topping. It provide additional protection to key assets.

installed at Parkville Youth Justice Centre to restrict inmates’ movements
Concertina razor wire will be installed at Parkville Youth Justice Centre to restrict inmates’ movements. Herald Sun News reported.
Concertina razor wire capable of inflicting severe cuts is being installed in a major overhaul of Melbourne’s trashed youth jail.
The hard line measure — usually associated with maximum-security prisons — is part of an upgrade of the Parkville Youth Justice Centre.
Concertina razor wire features small, sharp-edged steel blades.
The wire’s installation is aimed at restricting inmates’ unauthorised movement ­between units, to keep them off roofs and out of restricted areas.

Each concertina wire section contains core hardened steel strips that are often under tension, therefore if cut would recoil and lash out, striking the offender.
The concertina razor wire is attached to the fence line using either T-bar or Y-bar extensions and easily added to our range of high security perimeter fencing.
The concertina razor ribbon is not only a physical deterrent but to any potential vandals or intruders wishing to gain access to a site.
Concertina coil razor wire is therefore typically found in prisons and secure mental health hospitals or other secure sites. In these locations an increased breaching time for a poorly equipped escapee is an advantage.

Barbed Tape Concertina Razor Wire is available in a variety of blade types:

Concertina single coil razor wire with stainless steel blade material

1. Harpoon profile blades

Razor wire with concertina coil sharp blade Long barb Razar Wire is available in Concertina only. It is a vicious product when manufactured of toughened stainless steel blade material. It is commonly used for prison security fencing.
Concertina is formed by clipping adjacent of single coil concertina to one another at regular points around the circumference. When extended, this fence security forms a cylindrical pattern and limits the extension of the coil giving it integral strength, eliminating the need for supporting cables.

Single concertina barbed razor wire specification Flat wrap barbed razor wire blade style

2. Short profile blades

Concertina razor ribbon with stainless steel blade tape Short Barb Razar Wire comes in the form of Concertina or Flat loop.
Concertina Short Barb Razor Wire Consists of coils (clipped or unclipped) made of galvanized steel strip with four hook barbs die cast every 25mm & cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire. The barbs are so close as to prevent any hand hold & designed to grip onto any form of clothing. The hardened spring steel core wire reinforces the self supporting barrier, making it extremely difficult to cut & ensures that Concertina will remain effective as a security fence for many years.

PVC coated concertina razor ripper wire with medium profile blades

3. Medium profile blades

Concertina razor ripper sharp blade
Ripper Blade concertina Razor Wire has become a popular seller because it is very effective yet competitively priced security fencing. It incorporates longer, sharper blades and a reinforcing band which substantially improves rigidity of the coil. Overall it provides a more dangerous to handle and tougher to cut security fence.